About Us


We are planning on daily basis to make our customers to be happy and satisfied with our wide range of Products of Surgical, Clinical and Medical instruments, prompt delivery system, friendly mannerism, after sales service and the competitive cost.



While expanding the variety of products in our portfolio regularly and through the frequent researches in the Medical Field worldwide, wish to become the most eligible and efficient provider of newest Surgical, Clinical and Medical equipment to the Researchers, Doctors, Physicians, Students and all the other Medical Institutions, Schools, Labs and Hospitals on very competitive rates in the nationwide!

Micro Labs Pvt. Ltd. is one of the Sri Lanka’s fastest – growing  Laboratory Chemicals, Glass, Plastic,  Rubber,  Porcelain, Surgical Company, located in the heart of the town of Colombo i.e. No. 37, Bankshall Street, Colombo – 11. Although Micro Labs began in the year of 2015, they are honoured and prided on being the low – cost surgical and lab equipment supply Company in Sri Lanka.

With a keen interest on efficiency, range of supply and customer service, as the basis of its’ distribution procedure, Micro Labs has found success in providing physician and laboratory customers on the absolutely lowest price and the express and methodical delivery plans. Micro Labs Pvt. Ltd, in Colombo is a unique stockiest, wholesaler, retailer, importer, exporter, manufacturer and direct marketer of Surgical, Clinical and Lab Equipment to the Sri Lankan Market. Its’ distinctive quality products, after sales-service, quick transportation and refusal to conform to old model distribution ideas have helped Micro Labs outshine the rigid competition, prevailing in this field in the present context. Micro Labs Pvt. Ltd. Specializes in Instruments and Disposables for the School labs, Clinical Labs, Medical Labs, including State owned Labs, Private Owned Labs, Small Scale Medical Clinics, Health Care Units and Large Scale Hospitals in Sri Lanka.

Since Micro Lab Pvt. Ltd. is a stockiest, having a vast range of newest technological Laboratory Chemicals, Glass, Plastic, Rubber, Porcelain Surgical Equipment, and easy transportation facilities, they can fulfill any of your needs for the Surgical, Clinical and Medical Equipment to your door-step, at a given time, no sooner you place the order with them. They are up-dating and increasing their product range regularly and frequently, according to the demand in the medical field day-by-day. Therefore, anyone, who needs these equipment for their individual use or for a school, Medical College, Health Care Institution, Medical Centre or a Hospital, they will never turn you down.

With the support of Micro’s expertise and well – experienced staff members, you can depend on Micro for your day-to-day experiments and medical use. Their customer range has been spread – over throughout the Island within a very short period. Micro is very popular supplier of medical and surgical instruments among the skilled and knowledgeable medical personnel in nationwide.

This Company is like your own medical representative, who support enormously to protect you and your health. Micro will promptly support you with their surgical, clinical and medical equipment, according to the rapid changes in our healthcare landscape. Since Micro is carrying all of the equipment, with relate to the health care, they will help you to make effective decisions, increase efficiencies and achieve those goals. Whether you are a moderate complex or high complex physician office lab, Micro has the portfolio of options to meet all of your needs.